Llama Land

The Ducks

 We originally bought them as pets, but they started hanging around the dogs and llamas and found their own job to do. They help keep the pond clean from duck weed, moss and produce eggs! 

Llama Land

 They have a very important role here, but they are spoiled, arrogant, funny and pretty much get their way, not your typical farm animals (for sure).

Llama Land includes:

The Llamas

 Our llamas keep the coyotes and other predators away, produce fiber & fertilizer for the farm.   People always ask if they spit and llamas are known for this if they feel threatened, but here you're  more likely to get a llama kiss!

The Boys (our Great Pyrenees dogs)

The boys also keep coyotes and other predators out of the pasture and are a lot of company for us and the herd.