Just like Vicky’s dad, this wine has a personality all its own! The residual sugars are well balanced with the acidity to finish clean and fresh. This vibrantly refreshing blush wine has soft fine grain tannin. An ideal everyday wine.



The King of Reds, the world's premier red grape, the world's most dominant red grape, and on it goes. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most sought after red wine on the market, and with good reason. 100% Kentucky Cabernet Sauvignon, velvety Cab with leather and cassis on the nose; well balanced with a dark chocolate & espresso velvety finish. Serve with rack of lamb, braised duck breast, or grilled steak.​


This Merlot shows the qualities that have made this grape a variety favorite. A range of fresh flavors such as plums, cherries and blackberries mixed with black pepper tones. The tannin levels are fairly low and the fruit flavor is very forward. Enjoy this wine with pasta, meats and sharp cheeses.


A unique and very forward full bodied wine, rich, dark, heavy in tannin with lush texture and ripe fruit flavors. Shiraz is delicious with red meats complimenting their somewhat heavier flavors.

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An excitingly fresh and crisp dry white wine that boasts Germanic style. On the palate a wonderful grapefruit, pineapple, and citrus flavors. A compliment to seafood’s, salads, poultry or other light dishes that include herbs and spices, this wine is wonderful to enjoy by itself especially on a warm summer's day.


This wine is in a class all its own! A semi-sweet wine with a lively and fresh light green apple taste, finishing clean and crisp. When served cold, Cayuga is perfect with grilled foods, lightly seasoned poultry, pork and mild cheeses.


This white French hybrid lives up to its Gewurztraminer heritage. It begins with an intense fruit aroma and finishes with richness. This wine is delightful with dessert, makes a great companion to spicy cuisine and on warm summer evening.                                    

MEDOVINA (Honey Mead) 

In accent times this wine was considered the drink of the gods, the source of love, magic and wonder from time immemorial.  Mead or honey wine is the oldest alcohol containing drink known to man. Most people expect this wine as honey sweet and not the light, clean flavor of fine white wine.  There was a time when all wine was made of honey and the grape version was unknown.     $19.95


Like eating fresh grapes right off the vine adding a honeyed character with a hint of Muscat to the bouquet. Named after Vicky’s mom, Loretto is a very sweet white desert wine that goes especially well with cheesecake.


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