The Critters

Last but not least White Duck - We originally bought her as a pet but she started hanging around the dogs, sheep and llamas and found her own job to do. She keeps the pond clean from duck weed and moss and produces duck eggs! She has made herself the Matriarch of the herd!

Our Critters

What can we say about the critters here at the farm? They have a very important role here but...they are spoiled, arrogant, funny and pretty much get their way, not your typical farm animals (for sure).

In the pasture we have:

The Llamas - Tina, Momma Llama, Zoro, Baby Girl, Aragon & Robin Hood. They keep the coyotes and other predators away, produce fiber & fertilizer for the farm.

The Girls (our sheep) - Our leader is Sassy and she bosses the rest of the herd (and us) around. You'll know her right away, she was named for her personality!!

The girls provide us with wool, lambs & fertilizer, they even clean the underbrush in the woods, weed eat, and mow!

The Boys (our Great Pyrenees dogs) - Bud, Dallas & Rambo are the protectors of the herd!

The boys also keep coyotes and other predators out of the pasture, help the sheep (especially during lambing season) and are a lot of company for us and the herd